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Meteoroids 1.3 Meteoroids 1.3

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

What is This!

Which are the objects to be fired? What are these various shapes and sizes of objects that are flying around you randomly, and in real universe do you really find such things? We have to press letter A on the keyboard, or the A shaped arrow on the stage? Where are the potatoes? What is this "charge' meter, and what is this " shield" meter. It seems you developed this game, without any serious thinking, and without any sane game play. OMG, I am totally confused to play this game. Nothing seems to work, except the BG sounds. In other words it is just another meaningless shooting game. PS: You are really very sarcastic in your game description, and instructions, showing your vengeance against the serious game players. I am extremely sorry to mention this.